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Nickel Mustard | November 28, 2022

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You Saved Me


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A perfect wedding gift. Testaments of the salvaging power of love and the positive benefits of marriage...

Married couples give testimony of what marriage has done for them.  Couples tell how consistency in marriage ‘saved’ them from the street clubs, from self destructive habits, and from the pressure of facing life’s obstacles alone.  An extremely beautiful concept.  Relationship experts like Nisa Muhammad, Dr.Shane Perrault, Dwayne Buckingham, and Tray Chaney chime in on what marriage adds to life backed by detailed couple testimonies.

Ayize, a married subject declares, “My wife Aiyana saved me mediocrity…  She helped me to push the envelope to be the best man I could be.  She emphasized I push (towards goals) and never to settle.  My wife is my purpose-pusher.”

His wife Aiyana adds, “That’s the whole purpose of marriage, to build each other up.  To help us stretch our wings…  My husband saved me from the fear of rejection.” The rejection of not having a father present growing up.   “He has been there for me consistently, when I have not been deserving, when I beat up on him verbally, and even on myself.  My husband has showed me that he’s going to accept all of me, even my flaws.”

I must say, there are a lot of great, up and coming, family-centered directors coming out of Atlanta.  Mr Lamar Tyler is one of them.  This is a nice documentary to watch.

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Directors: Lamar Tyler

Genre: Documentary

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