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Nickel Mustard | November 28, 2022

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Media tricknology exposed! Janks Morton restores hope with truth. Black Women, you gotta see this film!

He’s at it again.  In Hoodwinked Morton pulls back the curtain on mainstream media exposing their ‘misrepresentation of statistics’ regrading young Black men to create despair in the Black community.

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Morton overturns popular misconceptions with U.S. Census data,  then shows the effects of media misrepresentations by visiting college campuses and polling Black students.  Morton asks students, “Name a positive stereotype about Black People,”  then pauses. In poll after poll, silence is returned.

Black students easily recall positive stereotypes about other ethnic groups, but suffer a loss searching for affirmations about black people.   “Asians are smart.  Hispanics work hard.  Blacks are well endowed and go to church a lot,” a few students eventually reply.

“A group that’s smart, builds wealth.  A group that works hard, builds wealth…   Being well endowed and religious does not build wealth,” Morton fires back.  “Being well endowed and religious is not a positive stereotype.”

Hoodwinked poses the question:  Who do we think we are?  And where do we get our self-image from?  It also injects excellent commentary by some our best Black thinkers.  Leaders who understand media and the affect of media on perception.

“Media can take a small reality and turn it into a big issue to make us think a thing is more pervasive than it is,” says Dr. Boyce Watkins, author, economist, and social commentator.

Dr. Marc Lamont Hill adds, “If you internalize your enemy then you become a better enemy to yourself than your enemy,” says Dr. Hill about Blacks assimilating controlled statistics.

“We should take control of our own research,” asserts Dr. Ivory Toldson, professor at Howard University.  “We must stop trusting what we see in media.  Media are in the business of selling stories, and crisis sells,” says Toldson.

Morton says media purposely misrepresents facts.  “I withheld this information for 5 years, wanting to be Christ-like and not step on anyone’s toes.   …but our division leads to (corporate) profits.  The strife that media creates, between Black Male & Black Female, is a very profitable sector,” says Morton.

Hoodwinked is a correcting of facts and a scholarly work by Morton and his team.   I learned a few things watching Hoodwinked:

1) There are more Black men in college than in jail.  2) Black men aren’t as screwed up as media portrays.  3) Don’t believe the bullshit.  TV will have you thinking a crack in the ground is the span of the Grand Canyon.  (smile)   Watch Hoodwinked.

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Directors:   Janks Morton   Writers:   Janks Morton

Cast: Marc Lamont Hill, Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu, Dr. Steve Perry, Dr. Ivory Toldson, Boyce Watkins

Genre: Documentary

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