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Nickel Mustard | November 28, 2022

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Dear Daddy


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A necessary film! A rare glimpse into the pain young Black girls experience growing up without a father.

If it’s true that God will send angels after his people, director Janks Morton might just be one of them.  In Dear Daddy, fatherless girls bare their souls about growing up without a father.  Young girls purge their hearts as they write open letters to absent fathers.  A process that starts the healing.

I must admit. I teared up watching these young girls open up about the emptiness they feel not having a father present.  Too often we perceive Black girls as tough, calloused, and unbreakable.  But Dear Daddy shows that if you scratch the surface you’ll find they are really delicate flowers.      Buy Dear Daddy.

“I wanted (a father) to… pin my corset on for prom.   I wanted (a father)…  to give me a hug for my graduation.  I wanted (a father) to walk me down the aisle when I get married…  I wanted (a father) to teach me right from wrong … to teach me about boys… but I grew up gullible,” one of the girls exclaims.

Someone get me a Kleenex or a testosterone shot,  0.5 mL please.

As an experiment, I watched this with a friend.  She grew up without her father present.  Dear Daddy hit a chord with her, often interrupting with “that’s so true!”  and “I felt the same way!”  She easily related to the girl’s experiences growing up without a father.

Dear Daddy scratches wounds these girls try to suppress.  It provides parents a platform to discuss pain buried deep within.  It’ll have similar effect on your daughter.  You must open a wound to apply the balm.

In this age of instant video, few people read.   Therefore important causes must create effective videos to express their point.  Dear Daddy does just that.  It’s an often overlooked point which Dear Daddy makes abundantly clear – young Black girls need their fathers, period.

Janks Morton is among an emerging breed of film directors who aims to tackle the ills affecting the Black community through thought-provoking documentaries. These are our heroes.  Not ball dribblers.  Ballers sell tickets and sneakers. Heroes save souls.

And though they may not have ridden into Jerusalem on the back of an ass, their works are inspired from the same source.  Support corrective works like Dear Daddy.  Buy Dear Daddy.

“We have no time for the blame game…  We have to stop focusing on who is at fault and start working on solutions.” – Janks Morton

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Directors:   Janks Morton

Genre: Documentary

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