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Nickel Mustard | November 27, 2022

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Support_NMNickel Mustard is your trusted source for movie reviews. Money is tight these days.  And movies are expensive.  We help you sift through which movies are worth the nickel and which aren’t.  Before you go, get The Mustard™ on what’s hot, what’s not, and what to wait for on DVD.  Here’s how we rate movies:

1. We give an overall rating in nickels, from one to ten nickels, 10 nickels being the best .

2. We give readers The Mustard™ a quick summary opinion about the film. The Mustard™ is our trademark phrase seen in movie marketing advertisements.

3. Other ratings. Rates are from one to ten; ten being best.

The drill down, from 1 to 10, ten being best
Plot: 6 Creativity: 7
Acting: 9 Met hype: 9

All in all, our Nickel Ratings save you dimes by knowing what’s Hot, what’s Not, and what to Wait for on DVD.

Got a suggestion?  Send comments or correspondence to:

Nickel Mustard, LLC
P.O. Box 771842
St.Louis, MO 63177
(314) 329-1705


Special thanks to St.Louis Cinemas and, both friends of Nickel Mustard.